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Jo Jung Suk Relationship: Hospital Playlist Star's Interesting Love Story On How He Met Wife Gummy

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Jong Jung Suk and his wife Gummy is among celebrity couples with an interesting love story.

The 41-year-old actor is best known for comedic roles like his breakthrough performance in Architecture 101. Once again, he proved his versatility as an actor after playing the doting father and pancreatic surgeon Lee Ik Jun in Hospital Playlist.

Viewers are hooked with his love line with co-star Jeon Mi Do, who played the famous neurosurgeon Chae Song Hwa; however, both stars are happily married in real life.

While the Thirty-Nine actress is married to her non-showbiz husband, Jo Jung Suk has found the love of his life through Gummy.

Jo Jung Suk's Relationship with Gummy Looks Straight Out of Fairytale

The couple has been open about their relationship and never shied away from discussing their romance to the public.

In an episode of KBS 2TV's Come Back Home, where the singer appeared as a guest, she proudly shared how she and now-husband Jo Jung Suk met.

In an article cited by Soompi, the You Are My Everything songstress revealed that she met him through a friend.

Gummy shared that Bubble Sisters' Young Ji introduced her to Jo Jung Suk after she was tagged along by her.

Interestingly, the duo met again at her birthday party. This time, the singer pointed out that it wasn't anyone's intention to set them up.

As the interview continues, Gummy opened up how her relationship with The Nokdu Flower star progressed.

She said that it happened naturally, adding that their feelings have changed from a certain point on.

Interestingly, one thing that brought them together was their common interest. Gummy loves movies while the actor loves music.

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy Relationship Confirmed After 2 Years of Dating

In 2015, news broke that the pair are the newest celebrity couple in town.

Their respective agencies also confirmed that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have been dating for two years.

At the time, sources say "they can't have ordinary dates like any other normal couple" since they are both public figures but would "spend time with each other when they aren't busy and take good care of each other."

Jo Jung Suk's Wife Never Gets Jealous of his On-Screen Romance

The award-winning actor headlined the cast of Jealousy Incarnate in 2016 alongside the equally talented Gong Hyo Jin.

While viewers are drawn to his undeniable chemistry with the actress, Jo Jung Suk once shared how Gummy trusts and understands his work and "doesn't get jealous" with his romantic scene.

He explained that her then-girlfriend "knows very well how much of it is acting."

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From Husband to First Time Dad

After five years of dating, Gummy and Jo Jung Suk tied the knot in 2018 and welcomed their first child in 2020.

Following the news about their child, the actor expressed his gratitude to fans who congratulated him.

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