J.K. Simmons on J. Jonah Jameson’s MCU Future

While some people thought that the MCU would be introducing a new actor into the role of Peter Parker's boss J. Jonah Jameson, everyone was surprised when they brought back J.K. Simmons from the Raimi Trilogy. With Simmons role in the future still unclear, he's come up to say we should be expecting more from comics' worst boss.

Talking to Collider, Simmons confirmed:

"There is a distinct chance, there have been discussions, and I'm not going to say anything definitive [laughter] because I don't know if I'm allowed to… But yes, I'm very optimistic that I'll have some more J.J.J. in my future."

For now, it has been reported that J.J. will have a cameo in the upcoming Morbius movie, and set photos have also confirmed ads for the Daily Bugle. Besides Spider-Man, it looks like the MCU and Sony will be connecting their universes with the fictional news source, and we should expect J.J. to make an appearance in each of the Sony-connected movies.

While J.J. was pretty much his comic counterpart come to life in the Raimi movies, the character had been updated when it comes to the MCU. Instead of running a paper, Jameson is now running a conspiracy/fake news site ala Alex Jones, and from the get-go he already has it out for Spider-Man. While it may seem like a stretch, I still want to watch Peter working for J.J. down the line, and it would be fun to see how J.J. once again hates on Spidey but is willing to work with Peter.

The next Spider-Verse movie is Morbius, and it's set to come out on March 18, 2021.

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