J.K. Simmons Doesn't Think He'll Be Playing Comissioner Gordon Again Anytime Soon

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A lot of people loved it when it was announced that J.K. Simmons was jumping over to the DCEU to play Commissioner Gordon, but it looks like we won't be seeing him in character anytime soon.

Talking to Collider, Simmons gives us an update on where he is in the DCEU at the moment. Simmons says, "There are conversations going on, that I'm not going to make public… As far as I know, there's no opportunity, in the immediate future, for me to do more Commissioner Gordon, but I continue to be optimistic that it will happen again."


Gordon made his debut in Justice League but seeing as that film was a critical bomb, the DCEU had to make a major overhaul behind the scenes, resulting in some films getting delayed. For now, it's been said that Matt Reeves' script for The Batman has been finished, but we have yet to get a production start date. At best the movie might start shooting late next year.

Other than the news of the script being done, we haven't gotten any other solid updates. Heck, we don't even know who's playing Batman. Hopefully, before the year ends, we get a solid release date for the film as well as an announcement for who will be in the cast. It would also be great if we got a synopsis and see who Reeves plans on pitting against the Caped Crusader.

For now, no release date has been given for The Batman, but there are hopes that the film starts shooting next year.

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