Jinxed At First Updates And Spoilers: Na In Woo Is An Unlucky Man In New Fantasy Kdrama

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Na In Woo and his character as an unlucky man in the new fantasy Kdrama Jinxed At First actively stimulate viewers’ curiosity.

The new KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday Kdrama Jinxed At First is a fantasy romance based on a webtoon of the same name written by Han Ji Hye and Koo Seul. It depicts the story of an unlucky man who meets the goddess of fortune and luck who was hidden by a rich family.

Seohyun portrays the character of Seulbi, a woman with the ability to see the future of anyone she comes into contact with.


Although her character had to live in captivity for a long time because of her ability, Seulbi remains upbeat and jolly as she imagines a better future for herself and her loved ones.

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Na In Woo Is An Unlucky Man In Jinxed At First

Opposite Girls’ Generation member Seohyun, Na In Woo will portray the character of Gong Soo Kwang.

He is a fish seller who runs a store in Seodong Market. Gong Soo Kwang has a special jinx and an unlucky swamp of bad luck in his hands.

Different from his image, Gong Soo Kwang was once popular; however, he lost everything in a snap. He now leads a completely different life where bad luck follows him everywhere.

However, his life suddenly sees an unexpected turn when he encounters Seulbi, the goddess of fortune.

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Na In Woo Shares What He Thinks About His Character In Jinxed At First

Playing the character of Gong Soo Kwang seems to have given Na In Woo a rediscovery of how rare and powerful a person’s sincerity is.

Na In Woo also hinted about his character having a different name which further ignited the mystery and excitement of the Kdrama.

On the other hand, the chemistry between Na In Woo and Seohyun’s characters is also a huge factor as to why many viewers are already giving their huge attention to the forthcoming masterpiece.

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Meanwhile, Jinxed At First will start airing on June 15, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST on KBS 2TV every Wednesday and Thursday. The series will also be available for online streaming on Viki and iQiyi.

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