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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13 Recap: Park Eun Bin Reconsiders Her Relationship With Kang Tae Oh + Kang Ki Young Discovers His Illness

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo has received impressive viewers' feedback since it aired on June 29, 2022. Spearheaded by The King’s Affection actress Park Eunbin, the ENA Kdrama tells the story of a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder who starts working at a popular law firm.

The ongoing Kdrama also stars Kang Tae Oh, Kang Kiyoung, Joo Hyun Young, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Joo Jong Hyuk.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13 received a nationwide viewership rating of 13.515%. This was a 1.422% decrease in ratings compared to the previous episode.

Here is an Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13 recap and everything you need to know about the ongoing Kdrama.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13 Recap

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13 sees Youngwoo taking on a case concerning the father of their landlord. It seems that he was forced to pay an admission fee to a cultural heritage even though he was not visiting the place and was merely passing by the road near it.

Youngwoo asks Attorney Jung if she can go on a business trip to Jeju Island. Seeing it as an opportunity to reminisce memories from his honeymoon, Attorney Jung proposes a business trip with all his team members, including Junho.

The plaintiff turns out to be monks from the Hwangjisa temple. As a cultural heritage site, the lawyer defends that collecting fees for the conservation and protection of the place is legal. The Hanbada lawyers argue that it is unnecessary, especially if the temple is not the people’s purpose for a visit.

On the other hand, Junho hopes to discuss his relationship with Youngwoo as they visit his older sister on Jeju Island.

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Kang Ki Young Opens Up About His Failed Marriage In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13

While having fun on Jeju Island, Attorney Jung got the courage to mention his divorce eight years ago. He admitted that it was his fault and his wife left him because he was a workaholic.

And instead of talking about his health condition, he just tries to influence his team to make the best of their lives.

However, his condition might worsen as he faints inside the courtroom during a case. Youngwoo and Geurami had also seen him in pain the night before. But they chose not to ask him about it, thinking it might be difficult for him to share.

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Park Eun Bin Worries About Her Relationship With Kang Tae Oh In Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 13

Youngwoo was so excited about the thought of seeing the dolphins on Jeju Island. But none of them appeared even after a couple of hours of waiting.

Junho brings Youngwoo to his older sister’s neighbourhood and introduces her as his girlfriend. Seeing Youngwoo’s condition might have worried Junho’s sister as she warns him not to tell their parents about his relationship with the attorney. Junho gets enraged hearing nonsense from his older sister and asks her to stop as Youngwoo might hear their conversation.

However, Youngwoo had heard everything. And although she does not show her emotions too often, it is visible that she was hurt and that she had begun thinking twice about her relationship with Junho.

Meanwhile, Attorney Kwon Minwoo confesses to Sooyeon about his financial problems and that he has to do everything to earn money for his family.

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