Jim Carrey Continues to Spiral in Surreal Trailer for Kidding Season 2

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Besides Sonic the Hedgehog, Jim Carrey is set to reprise his role of Mr. Pickles in Showtime's fantastic Kidding. The second season comes out this weekend, and we have one final, surreal preview.

Here's the official description:

With his beloved Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time off the air for the first time in 30 years, Jeff Pickles must find a way to communicate with his many fans who still need him. Jeff creates a new and controversial method to talk directly to children across the world only to become the target of animosity for the first time in his career. As Jeff navigates the most complicated moral gray areas of his life, he discovers a new side of himself.


Though the show doesn't get enough attention online, I think that Kidding is one of the best performances to come out of Carrey's career. His casting as the troubled Mr. Pickles is also very meta, seeing that Carrey himself was a beloved children's icon, and by the looks of it, he's also going through his own journey of enlightenment and maturity.

Hopefully, this show keeps going because I think that the message is very lovely, and the magic-realism is also topnotch. If you loved Michael Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, I suggest you check out Kidding right away. If Showtime does end up canceling Kidding, I hope the showrunners at least get to complete the story that they were trying to tell with Jeff Pickles.

The second season of Kidding comes back Feb. 9.

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