Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar Heartbreak: 19 Kids And Counting Patriarch And Matriarch's Parenting Criticized After Josh's Conviction, Jana Facing Legal Charge

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Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle Duggar, are taking the heat from some netizens who blamed them for how their children turned out to be.

Their eldest son, Josh Duggar, was convicted for receiving and possessing child pornography. Just days after his conviction, his younger sister, Jana Duggar, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child in Arkansas court.


Jim Bob Duggar And Michelle Duggar Blames For Josh And Jana's Legal Battles

Several netizens reacted to the current predicament of the Duggar family. Some of them directly blamed Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar for how their kids were behaving. The couple share 19 kids together.

"Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are nothing but vile douchebags who birthed too many children," one netizen tweeted. "Their family has fallen from grace in disgrace. Jana Duggar is now charged with neglect and endangering a child. Maybe her parents should be parents and watch their own fucking kids."

"First, Josh Duggar gets convicted on child pornography charges and now his sister Jana Duggar has been arrested for child endangerment. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar really need to take a hard look at themselves as parents," another added.


"I think Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar should get some of the blame for why Jana and Josh turned out the way they did, lol," a third user commented.

Despite the intense criticisms subjected toward the Duggar patriarch and matriarch, some defended them. One said they should not be criticized for having kids because it's their choice.

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Netizens Want Jana Duggar To Move Out From Parents Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle's House

For those who have been following the Duggar family, they witness how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar assign some of their responsibilities of looking after their kids to Jana, their eldest daughter. Jana has remained single and has been the head of the household. She cooks, cleans the house, teaches her younger siblings, does the garden and more.

Many fans are even sad for Jana because she has remained single while several of her younger sisters and brothers have already married and started their own families.

The Duggars are known for marrying early and having many kids. But Jana hasn't introduced any boyfriend to the public even if she is already 31.


According to reports, Jana was babysitting her nephews and nieces and she fell asleep. The kids went for a walk and out to the road. Several netizens sympathized with Jana, saying she should not be charged.

"She shouldn’t be charged! How many parents have fallen asleep with kids around! What’s the difference if it was nighttime and the kid got out of bed and did it! She didn’t harm the child nor meant for it to happen!" one commented.

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"If that’s really it, I’m sketched out by the charge. That seems excessive and like something that can be mitigated without criminal charges," another added.


"Unless the child was harmed or injured by being unsupervised, I don’t see the reason for such a harsh punishment. If she was drunk or high, or it’s a common occurrence then sure," a third wrote.

Many also urged Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to do their best to free Jana. Some also encouraged Jana to move out of her parents' house because it's not her responsibility to look after her younger siblings, nieces and nephews.

"Jim Bob and Michelle, Watch your own damn kids and let Jana out of her jail. #FreeJana #JanaDuggar," one wrote.

"Michelle and Jim Bob need to take care of their own children and they need to stop treating Jana like an indentured servant," a second user wrote and several netizens agreed.


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