Jim Bob Duggar Heartbreak: Federal Judge Called Josh's Father's Testimony 'Not Credible'

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Credit: TLC/YouTube Screenshot

Jim Bob Duggar testified on Monday about his son Josh Duggar's child pornography case. However, his statement raised some eyebrows, and a federal judge considered his remarks "not credible."

Jim Bob Duggar Testified In Pre-Trial Of Josh's Case

Jim Bob Duggar and a family friend Bobye Holt faced the prosecutors Monday for a pre-trial about the molestation allegations against Josh. The Duggar patriarch confirmed that his eldest son "inappropriately touched at least four children," Brooks wrote, per Insider.


"He recalled that [Josh Duggar] inappropriately touched the children on their breasts while they were sleeping on more than one occasion, but beyond that, his memory failed him," Brooks continued. "In other words, he admitted the touching was 'inappropriate,' but he was unwilling to provide further details, pleading a lack of memory."

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Brooks was skeptical of Jim Bob's apparent forgetfulness. For him, the testimony of Josh's dad wasn't necessary, and Holt's statement would suffice. He also concluded that Jim Bob's testimony was not credible.

"The Court found Mr. Duggar's selective lapse in memory to be not credible; he was obviously reluctant to testify against his son," Brooks wrote.


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Jim Bob Duggar Might Not Testify In The Trial

The 19 Kids and Counting patriarch raised eyebrows because he somehow praised his son, Josh Duggar. Jim Bob said Josh came to him in 2002 and told him about his misdeeds. He admitted that he couldn't remember the exact wordings Josh used, but he appreciated that his son came forward and told his and his wife, Michelle Duggar, instead of them "catching him in the act."

"Yes. We really felt like that they – that Josh – we were thankful that he came and told us what had happened, which was a big step, because we didn’t catch him doing something, but he came and told us," Jim Bob said. "But he had crossed some lines and he was right at that age of curiosity of, you know, right at 14 years old where your hormones start kicking in."


Jim Bob is running for Senate in Arkansas. His son's legal battle is something that hangs over him. Josh was accused of possessing child pornography. Jim Bob implied that he had no idea about what his son did.

According to Gossip Cop, Jim Bob might not testify on behalf of his son during the trial. However, some of his siblings are planning to be called by the defense.

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