Jessica Jones Season 3 Showrunner Praises Kristen Ritter's Directorial Skills

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Jessica Jones is about to start its final season as Marvel and Netflix are basically rivals now, thanks to Disney+ coming out soon. Fans were pretty disappointed to know that this would be the final season but they weren't surprised since the service canceled Daredevil, The Punisher, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage beforehand. It looks like the cancelation has led to some risks being taken since JJ title star Krysten Ritter will be directing some episodes for the final season.

Speaking with, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg said that Ritter is pretty qualified for the role. She only has nice things to say about the Marvel star's directorial debut and this should get fans curious about any future projects that Ritter can helm. Here's hoping that her episodes are promising, or at least, show potential.

"It's something she's wanted to do for a long time and is certainly qualified to do. She and I started talking about it last season as well, but she's in every scene of every episode so it just wasn't possible. And then, as we were creating season three in the writers' room we realized the scene had even been written already and someone went 'Oh my god! She's not even really in this!' So, what a great opportunity."

Rosenberg also states that they needed Marvel and Netflix's blessing to get Ritter to direct some episodes and the showrunner feels that she made the most out of that opportunity and knocked it out of the park.

"Marvel agreed to it and Netflix did as well. So I was able to hire her as a director and it was really very serendipitous that it worked out that way. She just fricking nailed it, man. There was no sign whatsoever that she was a first-time director. I've worked with directors with far more experience that were not even as near organized and specific"

Jessica Jones season 3 will be coming out on June 14.

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