Jessica Jones Season 3 Gets New Teaser Plus Stills

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Sometimes not even ‘heroes' can save themselves.

Netflix has mostly canceled all of their Marvel shows, but this June will see the release of the final season of Jessica Jones. A new teaser has been released for the series, plus we also have a handful of new images from the show.

We don't really know what to expect with this season of Jessica Jones, but I'm hoping that it closes the book for all of Marvel Netflix. Give us some final appearances between Defenders Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. Is it too much to ask for Punisher to make a final appearance as well?


This may also be a stretch, but maybe you should add the pseudo-Stan Lee of Marvel Netflix, Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson). I know Dawson said she was done, but what's one more cameo?

While the first season of Jessica Jones was applauded for its themes on sexual abuse, the same can't be said for the second season. JJ2 was admittedly a mess, from Trish getting her hand on the super soldier pills to Jessica's mom actually being alive. Let's hope the showrunners this season planned a great sendoff for Marvel Netflix, not just Jessica.

As for Marvel TV, Disney+ is going to be having its own series, and they'll be much more woven into the main MCU, unlike the ABC and Marvel Netflix shows. Let's just hope down the line they have plans to use the more gritty characters in the universe. Not everyone can be clean cut like Captain America or Iron Man.

Catch Jessica Jones Season 3 when it comes out June 14.

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