Jessica Jones Season 3 Featurette Highlights Krysten Ritter's Directing, Teases Hellcat Arc

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Jessica Jones season 3 will be the final one for this series and is technically the swan song for Marvel's stint on Netflix. Since Disney is planning its own streaming service, Netflix doesn't want to openly support their products, which is cynical but makes a ton of sense. Since the series is expected to debut in a few weeks, Netflix has released a featurette that spotlights Krysten Ritter's directorial debut and a possible Hellcat episode.

We get a ton of footage showing Ritter in the director's chair (not literally), as she looks over the production of an episode and shoots a number of scenes. It's an interesting look at the actress in a completely new environment and she seems to be having a good time. The episode itself is focused on Jones' friend and future enemy (frenemy?) Trish Walker, who looks to be turning into her Hellcat character.

Fans hoping to see her classic skin-tight yellow costume and blue mask are going to be very disappointed since we only see Trish in dark clothes and a mask that covers her mouth. It's not comic book faithful but we could eventually see the outfit, though it might not match the dark tone that the series is known for.


At least Luke Cage is back? He's great, though is also technically a villain now.

Jessica Jones season 3 debuts on June 14.

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