Jessica Jones Season 2 Photo Hints At New Status Quo

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Now that The Defenders is over, fans are eager to find out what's next for the second season of Marvel's Jessica Jones. The Netflix show took the world by storm, with many saying it's the best of the streaming service's Marvel serials. While a proper release date hasn't been revealed, we do have a new still from Entertainment Weekly that might give us an indication of the show's new status quo.

In the picture below, we Krysten Ritter's Jones right next Killgrave, played by acclaimed actor David Tennant. Fans that witnessed the first season will recall seeing Killgrave's neck being snapped, so seeing the character right next to Jessica is quite interesting. Previous set photos did confirm Tennant's return but there are still no details as to how he will be in the second season.

(Marvel/Entertainment Weekly)


One popular theory is that Killgrave is a hallucination of Jessica's, which could work. If the show goes this route, it could play with the fact that Jessica is still haunted by the manipulative killer or feels some guilt for killing him, which seems less likely. Then again, Jessica mentions Killgrave dying before in the first season, yet he somehow came back. We could see how this would work in the second season.

Jessica Jones season two will come to Netflix sometime next year.

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