Jessica Chastain Reveals Who She ISN’T Playing In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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When Jessica Chastain was cast for Fox's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, many fans were hoping she would be portraying the Shi'ar Queen Lilandra. Lilandra has been a big part of the X-Men mythos, acting as a love interest to Charles Xavier and a frequent ally to the mutant team. Sadly, Chastain told fans in an Instagram post that she would not be portraying the character.

Sharing a photo taken on the first day of shooting Dark Phoenix on Instagram, she then began interacting with fans in the comments section. It's here where she said "Hey folks, want a scoop? I'm not playing Lilandra….," which got fans talking. Many of them asked Chastain which character she would be portraying, but she didn't answer.

Lilandra might not be the most loved character in X-Men history, but she did play a big role in the original Dark Phoenix Saga. During the story's climax, Jean Grey went on a power trip whilst possessed by the Phoenix and ended up destroying a planet, killing a whole species. The X-Men were soon taken to trial, where the Shi'ar Queen was forced to act as a judge and had the mutants take on her Royal Guard if they wanted to keep Jean safe from harm. During the battle, Jean almost went mad as Phoenix and ended up killing herself with one of the Shi'ar's advanced weapons.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is slated for a release next year, on November 2. Who will Jessica Chastain portray? That will continue to be a mystery until the first trailer hits.

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