24 Sep 2019 11:50 AM +00:00 UTC

Jesse Pinkman is Back in Full Trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

It's been six years since Breaking Bad ended, but Vince Gilligan and his team are coming back for a full movie next month, and a lot of people are hyped for El Camino. Netflix has been giving us nothing but teasers since the movie has been announced, but now we have a full on trailer giving us a look at Jesse Pinkman and his status after the Breaking Bad finale.

The movie is said to be picking up moments after the series finale, and as some people guess, the first people that Jesse ends up running to are his friends Badger and Skinny Pete. We don't know where he goes from there, but Jesse looks to be visiting some other Breaking Bad locations like the place where Mike was killed, the scrapyard where the RV was destroyed, and maybe even the White family home; at least that's my guess.

If anything, it looks like we're going to be getting some more signature Breaking Bad setpieces with El Camino. Besides Jesse running from the law, we also have what looks to be some kind of elaborate trap that's been set up to blow. If you watch Breaking Bad, you know the show is filled to the brim with these high-tech hijinks, whether it be a remote-controlled gun in the back of a car, or a giant magnet to clear an evidence room. Walt may be gone, but maybe Jesse has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Catch El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie when it comes out Oct. 11 on Netflix.

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