06 Dec 2020 1:42 PM +00:00 UTC

Jeremy Renner Shares Awesome Photo of Hawkeye Co-Star Hailee Steinfeld

Although Marvel and Disney+ have not yet confirmed it, it looks like Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Kate Bishop in the upcoming Hawkeye series. After all, Jeremy Renner has just shared a photo of his new Marvel Cinematic Universe co-star as well as their furry companion on the show.

It was previously reported that several set photos of Renner and Steinfeld have popped up all over the internet. The images also show a dog who is set to play Kate's pooch in the MCU series.

While all those pictures are already up, Renner couldn't help but share another one on his official Twitter account. You can look it up here.

"SQUIRREL!!! Nearly fell over this amazing dog today, and most certainly fell for her today," Renner wrote. Of course, he is referring to the adorable dog who is expected to portray Lucky the Pizza Dog, who served as Clint Barton's companion in the comic books.

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Credit: Marvel

But will Lucky actually be Kate's dog? The photos seem to suggest that Steinfeld is the one who is hanging out with the pup. Of course, there is a possibility that Kate is simply holding the leash for Clint but we're hoping that we learn more details soon.

Renner has previously teased on the Hawkeye series starting production soon. Hopefully, this will mean that the show will get an official release date within the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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