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Jeon So Min Relationship: Actress Clears Dating Rumors With Yang Se Chan

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Credit: JTBC Drama / YouTube screenshot

Jeon So Min is caught up in dating rumors involving Yang Se Chan and one of the production crew of Running Man.

In one of the episodes of the longtime-running Korean variety show, Yoo Jae Seok teased the 36-year-old beauty regarding her dating status.

Is Jeon So Min Dating a Crew from Running Man?

As obtained by Kbizoom, Yoo Jae Seok noticed that his female co-star has intel regarding the location and activities for the upcoming episode.

In an episode released on July 24, the award-winning host recalled Jeon So Min mentioned something about their outfits and shared “Yesterday, Jeon So-min said, ‘Oppa, we will wear slave’s outfits tomorrow.'”

The same goes for Ha-ha who also mentioned that their female co-star even knew what they will have for the day.

“When I said I was hungry today, she said, ‘Oppa, we’re doing a hamburger brand today,’” he said.

However, the cast members joked about Jeon So Min possibly having a relationship with one of their production crew since she knew about the details that even her fellow cast members were clueless about.

“Only boyfriends do such things. If he doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t do that,” said Ha-Ha, making everyone laugh.

On top of that, even the director seems to agree and mentioned that he would give a reward if he found out that someone from the team is dating Jeon So Min.

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Jeon So Min Addresses Dating Rumors With Yang Se Chan

In a recent Running Man episode, Jeon So Min spoke about her relationship status and responded to various dating rumors.

As noted by SBS News, on the July 31 episode of SBS' variety show, the host-actress addressed her alleged relationship with comedian Yang Se Chan.

In one of the episodes, Jeon So Min waited for Yoo Jae Seok outside of the coffee shop, where people flocked with their cameras, hoping for a glimpse of the Running Man cast.

The actress took this opportunity to find the members of the show, but they refused since they knew the actors were on a challenge.

Interestingly, Jeon So Min used her charm and spoke about her recently concluded K-drama Cleaning Up with Lee Moo Saeng, Na In Woo, Yeom Jung Ah, and more.

When someone from the crowd mentioned how he loves the longtime running variety show, the 36-year-old star said "'Running Man' is aired at 5 PM every Sunday, so please watch that as well. It's a really entertaining show."

Surprisingly, Jeon So Min also spoke about the truth with Yang Se Chan and said “By the way, Se Chan and I are not together. We're just playing around, but it seems like a lot of people think we're actually in a relationship,” she said, pointing out that the rumors are “not true at all.”

Besides Jeon So Min’s relationship status, she also spoke about the rumored romance between her co-stars Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook, saying that the two “aren't dating each other” and adding that “they're nothing more than friends."

Jeon So Min Returns on K-drama and Big Screen this 2022

As mentioned, Cleaning Up is Jeon So Min’s K-drama comeback after the thriller mystery series Show Window: The Queen's House in 2021.

In her recently concluded series, she took the role of Ahn In Kyung, one of the cleaning ladies at a brokerage company who dreams of buying a food truck to run a cafe business.

The year 2022 is also her return to the silver screen with the movie 2037 released on June 8.

She stars alongside Hong Ye Ji, Kim Ji Young, Shin Eun Jung, Hwang Seok Jung, and Kim Mi Hwa, portraying the main characters.

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