Jennifer Lopez Making Ben Affleck Pay For Past Bad Boy Behavior? JLo Reportedly Still Hasn’t Forgotten Jennifer Garner’s Ex’s Strip Club Romp That Caused Their Split

Credit: Hollywood Pipeline/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Hollywood Pipeline/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were back in each other's arms nearly two decades after they called off their first engagement. The celebrity couple is now married, but JLO is reportedly still planning to make her husband pay for his misconduct that caused their split in the early  2000s.

Jennifer Lopez Couldn't Forget Ben Affleck's Bad Boy Behavior?

The Marry Me actress couldn't allegedly shake the memory of Affleck's bad boy behavior from their past. The tipster said that despite Lopez marrying Affleck, she was still not over his strip club romp that drove them apart, and she was allegedly planning to make him pay for that.

"She hasn't forgotten or completely forgiven him, so this is her way of reminding him there is a cost to his behavior," one source told Radar Online.

Affleck and Lopez first got engaged in November 2002. However, eight months later, the Justice League actor reportedly had a wild night at a Vancouver strip club and partied with gals at his friend's home.

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The celebrity couple reportedly had a huge fight four days before their planned $2 million wedding. The scandal caused Affleck and Lopez to delay their big day just days before they were about to tie the knot. A couple of months later, they called off their engagement and parted ways.

Lopez went on and married Marc Anthony. They share 14-year-old twins, Emme and Max. Affleck met and married Jennifer Garner. They share three children Violet, 16; Seraphina, 13; and Samuel, 10.

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Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Making Ben Affleck Her Personal Bank Account

The insiders noted that Jennifer Lopez is literally making Ben Affleck pay by allegedly making him her "personal bank account," even if she is worth more than him. The Let's Get Loud singer has a whopping net worth of $400 million. On the other hand, the actor-director has a more modest $150 million fortune.

"He's like her personal bank account," a spy stressed. "He pays for their private jet flights, their vacations, hotels, lavish gifts from clothing to jewelry, and fine dining whenever they go out."

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The source continued, "The limos are all on his tab, too, and he's always buying her things. It's pretty ironic since he's not worth nearly what she is — but he knows he's paying off an emotional, as well as financial, debt."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

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