Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck on the Brink of Separating? Hustlers Star Allegedly Posted a Throwback Clip With Her Husband to Show the World They Have a Happy Relationship

Credit: MTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MTV/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage is like a fairytale. Years after their split, they found each other at a much better time and ended up tying the knot. But even though there are no obvious indications that the A-listers are already dealing with some marital issues, multiple publications have been insisting that this is the case.

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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Marriage Might Not Last?

This week, Jennifer Lopez shared a throwback clip featuring Ben Affleck on her Instagram account. The mom of two captioned the photo by saying that she loves seeing clips from back then. Lopez also said that she still remembers writing every song in her old album, especially "Dear Ben" from This Is Me… Then.

But Marca claimed that Lopez's post might have been intended to tug at Affleck's heartstrings or her way of showing the world that they have a happy relationship amid all the feud rumors.

The publication also claimed that the chances of Lopez and Affleck's marriage working out for the rest of their lives seems slim. After all, Affleck's allegedly busy with his work and wants to focus on his career more than addressing the problems in his marriage.

"He is in talks to shoot the sequel to the film 'The Accountant' and that is taking up lots of his time. It certainly seems like there is not much chance that this marriage will go the distance considering they have been married less than a year and seem to be constantly on the brink of separating from one other," the publication wrote.

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Jennifer Lopez Says Using Ben Affleck's Surname Is Empowering

However, Lopez's recent interview with Vogue, the Hustlers star proved that there's really no truth to all the rumors about her and Affleck's marriage. In fact, Lopez proudly revealed that she decided to legally use her husband's surname, so she now goes by Mrs. Affleck.

But in the entertainment industry, in her movies and other projects, she will still be referred to as Jennifer Lopez.

"People are still going to call me Jennifer Lopez. But my legal name will be Mrs. Affleck because we're joined together. We're husband and wife. I'm proud of that. I don't think that's a problem... It's not traditional. It doesn't have any romance to it. It feels like it's a power move, you know what I mean? I'm very much in control of my own life and destiny and feel empowered as a woman and as a person. I can understand that people have their feelings about it, and that's okay, too. But if you want to know how I feel about it, I just feel like it's romantic. It still carries tradition and romance to me, and maybe I'm just that kind of girl," Lopez explained.

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Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Thoughts About Her Rekindled Romance With Ben Affleck

Lopez admitted that she had doubts about rekindling her relationship with Affleck when they first reconnected. But she also revealed that Affleck always held a special place in her heart even after they went their separate ways.

"The two of us, we lost each other and found each other. Not to discredit anything in between that happened, because all those things were real too. All we've ever wanted was to kind of come to a place of peace in our lives where we really felt that type of love that you feel when you're very young and wonder if you can have that again," she said.

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