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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Balding Really Fast? Hollywood Couple Reportedly Getting Hair Plugs To Fix Receding Hairlines

Credit: Vogue/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are fretting over their rapidly retreating hairline, a new report claimed.

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Sources told Globe Magazine, in its upcoming January 2, 2022 issue, that while Jennifer Lopez chases a hair transplant, Ben Affleck has already nabbed high-end weaves that blend naturally. An unnamed insider said:

“Ben was getting thin on top and feeling very self-conscious. He started using Rogaine a while ago but didn’t leave anything to chance and got some weaves. Word is, he paid a couple thousand for his modern man do. He can comb it, fluff it up and style it as if it was his own hair. Best of all, Jennifer can run her fingers through it and it won’t come off!”

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The same informant claimed the thicker mane has “really given Ben a boost in the ego department.” It added that the husband of Jennifer Lopez is considering plugs to make things permanent.

Globe Magazine previously reported that Jennifer Lopez has been obsessing about her vanishing locks, which inspired her to create products for gals with hair thinning or hair loss. The wife of Ben Affleck shared:

“When I was coming up, I didn’t know how to take proper care of my hair. I had to learn about minoxidil from my hairstylist! And I’ve been using it ever since.”

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Now that she has hit menopause age, she is prone to hair loss due to hormonal changes. The tipster noted:

“Jennifer’s fighting it to the max. She’s looking at all kinds of options, including a full-blown transplant. She has plenty of hair on the sides and in back, so it can easily be transferred to fill in her hairline.”

As Globe Magazine readers know, tattlers squeal that Jennifer Lopez has also been whipping Ben Affleck into shape with tough workouts and beauty treatments.

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A mole shared:

“She’s also got him on board with Botox and other beauty treatments to kick off the new year looking as glam as possible. But hair is top of their list.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have yet to comment on the claims that they are getting hair plugs to address their allegedly rapidly receding hairlines. So, devoted supporters of the Hollywood couple should take all these unverified reports with a grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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