Jennifer Aniston Shock: Brad Pitt’s Ex-Wife Wants Him To Reunite With Tom Cruise Onscreen Even Though They Disliked Each Other?

Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube Screenshot

Jennifer Aniston surprised fans after it was announced that she decided to return to Plan B Entertainment, the company that she co-owned with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt years ago. The Friends alum decided to leave the company with Pitt following their divorce in 2005.

Now that Jennifer Aniston is back on board, there are speculations that she’s thinking of a great project to launch for the company. And she doesn’t need to look too far because she wants Pitt to be involved.

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Jennifer Aniston Wants Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt To Work Together

New Idea, in its Jan. 17 issue, claimed that Aniston is looking for the best script that she could pitch to Tom Cruise. She hopes that the Mission: Impossible actor would agree to team up with Pitt because Aniston knows that it would generate a huge sum of money for the company.

“Brad and Tom have wanted to work together again for years. There’s no bad blood between them anymore, despite clashing on set when they were young. Sure, Brad is not a fan of Tom’s religion, having dabbled in it himself and finding it way too bizarre, but they both know they had incredible on-set chemistry,” the unnamed source said.

Jennifer Aniston Determined To Sign Tom Cruise After His 2011 Project Was Axed

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Credit: The Drew

In 2011, the A-listers signed on to appear in the biopic, but the project was canceled due to several production delays. As such, Aniston allegedly wants to see how she can get the two big-time actors together for a project.

“Jen has become that driving force behind it. A bunch of abandoned scripts has been re-tabled, from another vampire movie to a buddy action flick. Everyone wants to see these two superstars back on the screen together,” the unnamed source concluded.

Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise Don’t Like Each Other

Years ago, Pitt opened up about what it was like working with Cruise in the movie Interview With the Vampire. The dad of six said that Cruise bugged him to the point that he resented his co-star.

“He’s North Pole I’m South. There was this underlying competition that got in the way of any real conversation,” Pitt said.

In the past, multiple publications also detailed the alleged feud between Pitt and Cruise.

Angelina Jolie Banned Tom Cruise From Appearing In Salt

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The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube Screenshot

According to Nicki Swift, the A-listers’ feud worsened after Pitt’s other ex-wife, Angelina Jolie became involved. Cruise was, reportedly, supposed to star in the movie Salt but Jolie didn’t approve of the actor’s possible casting.

“Well, Tom Cruise was never signed, but he was really thinking about it. We needed a start date, so we needed an actor. Amy Pascal, head of Sony Pictures, said, 'Let's send it to Angelina,’” Salt director Phillip Noyce told E! News.

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Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise Affair Rumors

Other sources also claimed that following Pitt and Jolie’s split, the latter started having secret romantic meetings with Cruise. However, these claims were never proven.

In the same way, there’s also no proof that Aniston has been trying to encourage Pitt and Cruise to team up in another movie soon. Both actors are busy with their other movie engagements.

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