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Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Want Matthew Perry to Discuss Her Relationship With Brad Pitt? The Morning Show Star Will Allegedly Be Disappointed With Her Friends Co-star if He Breaks Their Philosophy

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Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry are close friends. In fact, the latter credited the former for calling him out over his alcohol addiction. During his promotional interviews ahead of the release of his memoir, Perry also seemingly revealed that he had a crush on his co-star.

As of writing, Matthew Perry has not said anything negative about Jennifer Aniston. But there are whispers that The Morning Show star is worried about what else Perry could say about her, especially when he goes on his book tour.

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Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Friends Cast, Crew Members Agreed To Keep Things On Set Private?

According to Heat World, the cast and crew of Friends have a philosophy to keep everything that happened on the set of the sitcom only between all of them. As such, a source claimed Aniston would be disappointed if Perry decides to talk about her personal life while on tour.

“The Friends cast are a private, tight crew, and have had this philosophy that whatever happens on the set needs to stay right there. If Matthew blows this code, they all agreed to follow, then they’ll be disappointed,” the source said.

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Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Want Matthew Perry To Talk About Her And Brad Pitt?

The one thing that Aniston doesn’t want Perry to talk about is her past relationship with Brad Pitt. The exes divorced in 2005, but they have become good friends.

“Nobody is depriving Matthew of the right to tell his story on his own terms, but there’s some concern. Jen is relieved that he’s being kind towards her and how supportive she was back in the day, but she’s nervous he could delve into what she was going through with Brad,” the source said.

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Matthew Perry Pressured To Give His Readers Juicy Stories About His Friends Co-Stars?

According to the source, readers would want Perry to spill the juice on his co-stars when he goes on tour. So, the actor is also under pressure to give them what they want.

“The word is that Matthew’s gone fairly easy on them in the memoir, but there’s the looming worry about what he’ll say on this tour, where the questions will be just as much about what happened off-set. The brutal reality is that people are going to want the juice over what went on behind the scenes at Central Perk, so Matthew is under pressure to deliver on that. In the build-up to this release, the cast has been talking it over and bracing themselves for how they’ll handle any drama Matthew may throw at them,” the source said.

In his memoir, Perry mentioned some celebrities like Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Keanu Reeves. But it’s unclear if he ever mentioned Pitt.

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