Jenna Ortega Sparks X-Men Fan Casting Movement Following SNL Appearance

Credit: SNL

Credit: SNL

2022 saw Jenna Ortega's acting career launched to the stratosphere and it's quite obvious that the sky is the limit for the rising star. The 20-year-old actress has been quite busy as of late, with Scream VI performing impressively at the global box office and Wednesday Season 2 currently in the works.

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Credit: Netflix

Just recently, Ortega was also rumored to be part of Marvel Studios' upcoming Daredevil revival and is said to be playing a major superhero. As it stands, there seems to be zero truth to the ongoing reports of her suiting up as White Tiger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but her recent appearance in Saturday Night Live sparked new speculation that she may be in fact MCU-bound after all.

In a hilarious SNL sketch, Ortega transformed into X-Men's Rogue and unsurprisingly, it's sending fans into a frenzy. In the skit, she portrays Zena Nutrino, a psychic and student at “Professor Zander’s Academy for Extraordinary Children", an obvious parody of Professor X's School for the Gifted.

After seeing the hysterical sketch, fans were immediately convinced that Jenna would be the perfect casting choice for Rogue. What do you think? Check out some of the tweets below:

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Of course, all of that may have just been coincidental but I think we can all agree that the timing is quite peculiar. Jenna certainly fits the bill as Rogue is somewhere in her early 20s in the comics. However, it appears that we're still a number of years away from seeing the mutants in the MCU, and with the recent delays the studio has been experiencing, the anticipated X-Men reboot could end up being pushed back as well.

Meanwhile, all episodes of Wednesday Season 1 are available to stream on Netflix.

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