Jenelle Evans Heartbreak: Teen Mom Star Slammed For 'Awful' Mermaid Arm Tattoos

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Credit: Jenelle Eason/YouTube Screenshot

Jenelle Evans debuted a new body ink in her recent videos on TikTok. However, the netizens were not pleased with the Teen Mom alum's tattoo with many of them saying it was "awful."

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Sports A New Body Ink On TikTok

Jenelle Evans shared a new video on TikTok sharing her makeup-removing routine. The video started with the former reality star rocking an undereye wing eyeliner. The MTV alum shared the brand of products she used to remove her eyeliner.

First, she applied a turmeric makeup removing gel and wiped her face with a towel. Then she applied a moisturizing sleeping mask. She finished her routing with a "smelly girly lotion."

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Although Jenelle's video was about makeup removal, more noticed the tattoo on her arm. The colorful mermaid tattoo on her arm received mixed responses from the netizens with the majority criticizing it.

"Are they new? They look like the rest of her awful tattoos," one asked.

"When did she get the mermaid tattoo? It looks like a temporary tattoo my 6-year-old daughter would want to wear lol," another asked.

"Those tattoos," another wrote with a flush emoji.

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Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Addresses Tattoo Concerns

It came to Jenelle Evans' attention that many were bothered with her colorful body ink. So, she asked her followers about it.

"Question: do y’all think that’s a real sleeve tattoo at the beginning," she wrote in the comment section.

"Haha I was about to ask when did you get that tattoo? Can we see it? ( I know it’s just a kids tattoo)," another user replied.

"Yes I did an entire YouTube video on it! I’ll be posting it tomorrow," Jenelle added explaining that those were "kids tattoos" and were only fake and temporary.

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True to her words, Jenelle uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled "Tattoo Day!" documenting how she and her kids got their tattoos. Jenelle bonded with her three children Jace, 12, Kaiser, 7, and Ensley, 5, and everybody seemed to be enjoying their body inks.

Both of the boys had their tattoos on their backs. Meanwhile, Jenelle and her daughter both had their inks in their arms.

Aside from the family's colorful inks, Jenelle fans were very happy to see her with her children. They felt that she is happier after MTV fired her from Teen Moms. They also complimented how well-behaved her children are.

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"I love how all of Janelle's kids get along. Jace and Kaiser sitting together watching TV is so cute. After everything she has gone through she could have easily continued down the path of self-destruction. I believe she puts her kids first. I love seeing how much time they all spend together. Her kids are all well behaved which doesn't just happen, and is no easy task," Bessie Miller commented after watching the video.

"That was nice to watch[thumbs up emoji] Thank you Jenelle and family for letting us be a part of y'alls tattoo day," another added.


"Looks like the kids were having a great time. You got a beautiful family Jenelle and congratulations for showing the haters what a great mom you really are," another fan added.

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