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Jay Baruchel Gives An Update On How To Train Your Dragon 3

Dreamworks may not be the rival to Disney that it used to be, but the How to Train Your Dragon franchise continues to be one of the more solid ones to come from the studio. Actor Jay Baruchel, who plays Hiccup in the series, talks about the third movie, and gives us an update on the status of the film.

Collider asks Baruchel about How to Train Your Dragon 3, to which he replies:

"Oh, yeah! I started last year, and I've done two sessions this year, as well. On the short end, it takes about three years to make one of those movies, and that's quick. Three years is rushing it. But we're well on our way and it's gonna be a special one, I really think. Everything in me and my experience on it tells me that this is gonna be the pinnacle of the whole thing."

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the first film, I had no idea how good the sequel was going to be. HTTYD manages to properly chronicle the story of Hiccup as he grows up, and I'm curious on where the story ends when HTTYD 3 hits theaters.

So far, we don't have an official synopsis for the movie, but it's said that the story will have something to do with the dragons going away for good. Knowing the franchise's emphasis on Hiccup and Toothless' friendship, it's sure to be another emotional rollercoaster for everyone in the audience.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 is set for a release on March 1, 2019.

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