Jason Momoa Reveals His Gripe with the Classic Aquaman Suit

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Aquaman's orange and green outfit from the comics seemed to have been dropped by the DCEU, but the upcoming Aquaman film confirms that Momoa will be suiting up in the classic duds. Talking to EW, he reveals one gripe he did have with the suit.

Momoa explained, "It looks like it's easy to pee in that, but really it's not… And if you have the poopsies, it is very challenging. You've gotta be really good at holding it." Momoa's co-star Amber Heard (Mera) also didn't have an easy time with her costume either, saying that she had to be vacuum sealed inside her outfit.


With superhero movies being a staple of the box office for more than a decade, you would think that they would have made some functional costumes by now. But at least Momoa and Heard can be comforted by the fact that they're not the only superhero actors who've experienced the problem. From the early X-Men films to Infinity War, I'm sure one big complaint of the actors is that they can't go "poopsies" in their superhero gear.

Heck, the Shazam! teaser addressed it when Captain Marvel said he didn't know how to pee out of the outfit.

With Aquaman less than a month till its release, the internet has been overflowing with positive reviews from people who have caught the film earlier. Hopefully, the audience agrees because, after a debacle like Justice League, I just want to see the DCEU come back full swing. Marvel movies are fun, but I want some variety with my onscreen heroes.

Catch Aquaman when it hits theaters Dec. 21.

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