Aquaman Director Says the Film Was Influenced By Star Wars and LOTR

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There's been a lot of hype surrounding Aquaman these past few weeks. Not only have fans been gushing over the trailers of the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie, but early reactions to Aquaman have been overwhelmingly positive. Now, with fans comparing the film to Avatar and Wonder Woman, director James Wan offers his own thoughts on the film, comparing Jason Momoa's first standalone movie as Arthur Curry to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Speaking in an interview with Empire Magazine, Wan opens up about the films that influenced his DCEU outing, saying that he loved the films of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

"This movie is my embrace of all the filmmakers I grew up loving; those sort of Spielberg-inspired wonderment movies from the ‘80s […] I finally get the chance to design some really fantastic worlds, the kind you're used to seeing in Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings," the director told the publication.


Months before the release of the trailer, Star Wars fans were a bit unsure of the comparison DC tried to make between Aquaman and Lucasfilm's galaxy far, far away – but then after seeing all the epic battle sequences being teased in the film's trailers, viewers soon understood what Wan meant. Aquaman was full of wild and colourful CGI that was often times reminiscent of the prequel trilogy films and of the battles in The Lord of the Rings. Early responses to the film say so as well.

Aquaman is set to come swimming into cinemas December 20, 2019.

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