Jason Momoa On How The Snyder Cut Would Have Built Up To Aquaman

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It's been more than a year since the release of Justice League and DC fanboys are still adamant that they want the release of Zack Snyder's original version. Jason Momoa himself has seen Zack Snyder's original plans for the film, and he explains how the Snyder cut would have built up to the release of Aquaman.

Check it out:

JL: Jason Momoa on how the Snyder Cut leads into Aquaman

It's worth noting that the first film to come out after Justice League would have been The Flash, but seeing as the movie has had a lot of setbacks behind the scenes, it had to be delayed, and Aquaman was the sole DC movie set to come out this year.

Though we did see Mera in Justice League, Willem Dafoe's parts as Vulko were cut. Heck, a lot of Aquaman and Cyborg's stories were cut so the film could reach a runtime under two hours. If anything, the movie still ended up the same way it did for Aquaman, except I think it would just be cooler to see him riding off in a pick-up truck like a hobo as compared to him just swimming like a dolphin in the theatrical cut.

While I myself would like to see the Snyder Cut released, I think WB is just focused on moving forward with the franchise instead of dwelling in the past. Who knows, maybe a few more years down the line, they'll finally give us the Justice League we wanted.

Catch Aquaman in theaters Dec. 21.

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