Jason Momoa Doesn’t Care That Fans Are Bashing Him For His New Look

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Earlier this month, controversy sparked after a recent image of DCEU Arthur Curry star Jason Momoa started circulating around on social media showing the actor with a "Dad Bod." One of the Aquaman actor's biggest draws aside from his personality and his fierceness is his physique, so when fans saw that Momoa out of shape, some started bashing the actor online.

Now, Momoa responds to the fans who've been criticizing his relaxed look.


Speaking with TMZ at the LAX airport, the Game of Thrones star was asked whether fans many "Dad Bod" comments bothered him in any way.

"Not, that's alright," Momoa told the news entertainment outlet. "No. Not at all."

TMZ also greeted Momoa for his upcoming 40th Birthday, and based on the interview video, it seems like the actor's pretty eager to celebrate.

"Tell TMZ I'll show you my Dad Bod soon enough," Momoa joked.


Honestly, it's hard to understand why fans would be so tough on Momoa. The actor needs a break. Actors usually train with professionals who give them rigid programs to build the "Superhero Bod," and maintaining that kind of body can be especially difficult.

Now that Momoa has a break before heading back for Aquaman 2, the actor should be allowed to enjoy himself and let loose. It doesn't make any sense to keep up the work when Momoa can just be himself with his family. Besides, Momoa still looks really good, even without his superhero body.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2022.

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