Jang Nara Thanked By An Animal Shelter For Continues Support For 8 Years

Credit: Kocowa / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Kocowa / YouTube screenshot

Jang Nara’s true personality was revealed by an animal shelter after expressing their deep gratitude to the actress.

In a report cited by SBS News, the Sell Your Haunted House star was praised for doing good deeds for nearly a decade.

According to the media outlet, an online post gained attention after it contained a heartwarming message from the animal shelter.

In the said post, staff from the animal shelter shared how the newlywed star has donated more than what they needed.

"Jang Nara has sent us some of our most-needed items―treats, pee pads, and wet wipes,” the message reads.

In addition, the organization also shared the actress’ plan to visit them soon and said, "We only asked Jang Na-ra if she could come in to play and pet the animals here so that our other volunteers can take some rest while she does so, but she sent us all this. She said she'll also be visiting soon."

Interestingly, the animal shelter pointed out that the 41-year-old star doesn't want her charity works to be published but for them, it is their way of giving back since the actress has been supporting them for nearly a decade.

"We're fully aware that she wouldn't like us spreading words like this, but it's been as long as eight years now. Isn't it alright for us to tell the world about you helping us for the last eight years?!"

Jang Nara has a deep love for animals, and in fact, her pets often make a cameo on her Instagram as the actress shows off her quality time with her dogs and cats.

Her adorable fur baby, wearing a tuxedo and looking dapper in photos, attended her wedding to her non-showbiz husband.

Reasons Why Jang Nara Loves Supporting Various Charities

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Jang Nara has donated to charity.

In a report cited by AllKpop, the actress has given more than $10 Million USD in 2009, but it seems like its more than that since the veteran actress also donated in private,

On top of it, the actress is also known for allocating her earnings from advertisements to various charities.

As for the actress, she previously responded to this and explained why she chose to spend a big chunk of her wealth by donating.

As obtained by Koreaboo, Jang Nara appeared as a guest in KBS' Problem Child in House and revealed the heartfelt reason why she wanted to give back to the community.

She shared that her family believes in sharing and also “received a lot of help” when they were struggling.

Interestingly, Jang Nara has an inspiring take on giving and said “When you hand out roses to other people, the scent of the roses remains in your hand.”

With a whopping net worth of 3 million USD, Jang Nara really knows where and how to spend her money wisely.

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Jang Nara New Drama: Hallyu Star to Make a Comeback in 2023?

Following her surprising wedding, Jang Nara is set to return to the small screen with the upcoming K-drama Family.

Interestingly, she will be reunited for the third time with Jang Hyuk, who worked with her in Fated to Love You and Hello Monster.

Helmed by Dear My Room director Jang Jung Do, Family is set to be released sometime in 2023.

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