Jang Nara Net Worth: How Rich Is The Bride-To-Be?

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Jang Nara gained the public's attention after surprising everyone with her wedding announcement.

The 41-year-old beauty is set to tie the knot to a non-celebrity boyfriend this June.

In an Instagram post, the actress said she was "happy" to share the news with her fans.


Moreover, she also revealed that she has been dating her now-fiancee for almost two years.

"I fell for his beautiful smile, kind and genuine heart, and above all else, the way he is overflowing with sincerity and pours his whole heart into his work," she said, adding, "The fact that I will be spending my life together with such an amazing person makes me so happy that I couldn't ask for anything more."

While the actress did not disclose the identity of her boyfriend due to privacy, Jang Nara said that he is six years her junior and is someone whose work is in line with video.

Despite various dating and marriage rumors throughout her career, finally, she is ready to walk down the aisle and say "I Do" beside her fiancee.

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Jang Nara's Net Worth: How Rich is the Soon-to-Be Bride?


The South Korean star made her debut in 2001 as a singer under SM Entertainment.

At the height of her career and despite the popularity of other soloists and Kpop girl groups, she created a huge hype known as the "Jang Nara syndrome."

Aside from music, she also conquered the world of acting.

From being a supporting character, she managed to have her first lead role in the 2002 rom-com Successful Story of a Bright Girl with Jang Hyuk.

Since then, she became one of the most sought-after female leads and had the smash hit Kdrama Fated To Love You, which is a reunion project between her and Jang hyuk.

With her decade-long career, she has amassed millions as a singer-turned-actress.

Based on a report, Jang Nara's net worth is between 3 to 5 million USD., with most of her earnings came from her singing and acting career; she is also a record producer and an endorser of various brands.


Interestingly, Jang Nara's net worth will significantly increase since she is in talks to headline an upcoming series.

Jang Nara's New Drama Will Also Star Jang Hyuk?

After the thriller mystery series Sell You Haunted House in 2021, she is making a comeback on the small screen for the forthcoming drama series Family.

Jang Nara is courted to star alongside Jang Hyuk as lead stars and is positively considering the offer.

If both stars officially agree to join the cast, this will be the third time they will headline a drama.

Apart from the duo, Family is scheduled to air sometime in 2023 and will be helmed by director Jang Jeong Do, who is also the executive producer of the tvN's hit series Our Blues, Alchemy of Souls and Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young's new drama Link: Eat, Love, Kill.


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