Jang Hyuk Net Worth: This Is How Much Millions He Earned in Kdramas

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Credit: Dispatch Korea / YouTube screenshot

Several OG Kdrama stars have made a comeback this 2022, including the award-winning actor Jang Hyuk.

After two years since the thriller mystery series ​​Tell Me What You Saw, the 45-year-old star showed off his versatility as he plays the fearless First Vice-Premier Park Gye Won in Bloody Heart alongside Lee Joon and Kang Han Na.

According to Soompi, Jang Hyuk accepted the offer to play the fierce kingmaker due to the story behind the series.

He said that aside from highlighting the palace politics, it also expressed “human relationships of each character and the conflicts and harmony in them as well as situations where they plan things according to their own interests.”

Interestingly, as Bloody Heart reached its second half, Jang Hyuk is set to headline a new project.

Jang Hyuk New Movie: The Killer: The Child Who Deserves to Die

As he made a comeback to the small screen, Jang Hyu will also be returning to the big screen with a new movie.

The 45-year-old star will be headlining an action film based on a novel of the same name written by Bang Jin Ho.

The Killer: The Child Who Deserves to Die focuses on the story of a retired killer who gets caught up in a mission to save an adolescent girl.

Jang Hyuk will be reunited with The Swordsman director Choi Jae Hoon.

Joining the award-winning actor is GWSN‘s Anne, whose real name is Lee Seo Young and is set to portray high school student Kim Yoon Ji, who will be intertwined with Bang Eui Kang’s (Jang Hyuk) mission.

In addition, The Medallion actor Bruce Khan will also join the upcoming movie, taking the role of Yuri, a member of a notorious gang.

With his current and upcoming projects, how much has Jang Hyuk earned since his debut?

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Jang Hyuk Net Worth

Debuting in 1997 with a supporting role in the romance drama Model, Jang Hyuk managed to solidify his name in the entertainment industry.

From playing a bit part, he is now among the sought-after versatile stars of his generation.

In addition, he was able to jump from comedy, rom-com to action-packed series and reportedly does his own stunts.

With over two decades as an actor, Jang Hyuk’s net worth as of 2022 is around 6 million USD, as cited by taddlr.com

This Is Why Jang Hyuk Prefers Doing his Own Action Stunts

In the later years of his career, viewers often see the actor star in Kdramas and movies with action scenes.

As mentioned earlier, Jang Hyuk likes to do his own stunts because of an incident.

In a separate report as cited by Soompi, the actor recalled the time when he filmed his first-ever movie Zzang back in 1998.

He said, “there was an accident, and a stuntman got hurt. After seeing that happen, I’ve tried to do all my action scenes myself.”

Interestingly, he undergoes a lot of training and immerses himself in boxing, Jeet Kune Do, and even horseback riding for historical dramas.

“If you’re in a historical drama, you have to use a sword and ride horses,” he added.

He basically used a lot of his training when he starred in Bloody Heart.

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