Aquaman 2 Director Claims Sequel Isn't Connected to the DCEU Amid Reboot Drama

Aquaman and Wonder Woman
Credit: WB

Aquaman and Wonder Woman
Credit: WB

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It's no secret to many that the DC Extended Universe is a mixed bag. But despite the promise it once had, poor creative decisions and the upcoming franchise reboot ultimately led to its demise.

Now, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan shares his true feelings about the DCEU coming to a close, over a decade after it was launched.

James Wan Compares DCU Reboot to Living In A House That's Getting Renovated; Claims Aquaman 2 Isn't Connected to the DCEU

Bats and Aquaman
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Credit: WB

Speaking with Screen Rant, Wan finally shared his thoughts on the impending DC Universe reboot and whether or not he's affected by it. Admittedly, the director is well aware of the change in the tide, comparing it to a house getting renovated.

He said: "I'm aware of everything that's happening around me. I mean, I use the analogy that I'm living in a house that's getting renovated. It's hard to not be aware of the renovation that's happening around me."

Wan would then claim that despite the Aquaman franchise's obvious connection to the DCEU, it's still its own thing and none of the events that transpired in the franchise will affect the sequel's story.

The billion-dollar filmmaker continued: "But the beauty about Aquaman is that we've always designed these two films to be within their own world. The advantage of not being hooked into this bigger universe is whatever happens over there doesn't really affect my movie. This film doesn't hook into anything. It lives in its own world."

"That's what we found worked really well for us on the first film, and we're doing exactly the same. There's noise going around, but I'm just in my cocoon, in my underwater kingdom."

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Judging by Wan's statement, it's safe to assume that he doesn't want to get involved in all the DCU drama that's been going on. While Aquaman 2's chances of replicating the success of its predecessor appear slimmer by the day, we're still hopeful that it does well enough for Wan to potentially become part of the new DC Universe.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits cinemas on December 20.

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