James Gunn Won’t Cast ‘The Authority’ without a Script

dc comics the authority
Credit: DC Comics

dc comics the authority
Credit: DC Comics
  • There is still no finished script for The Authority.
  • James Gunn wants to prioritize the script before casting.
  • María Gabriela de Faría remains the sole confirmed member of the cast.

James Gunn has shared a rare update for his DC film The Authority. There are still no cast members except for María Gabriela de Faría, as the Guardians of the Galaxy director wants to ensure the quality of the script first.

James Gunn has taken over the reins of the DC film universe, and one of his upcoming projects is a film, in addition to the Superman: Legacy film, centering on the anti-hero group The Authority.

In the comics, this group is considered the “anti-Justice League”—vigilante types who believe that the world needs fixing, even if it means taking the law into their own hands in morally grey extrajudicial activities.

Many fans are understandably excited about this new film from the former Marvel alumnus, and one of them asked Gunn for a casting update on Instagram’s Threads. Gunn immediately responded, explaining that they had not entered the casting stage.

The reason is that the DC film universe chief wants to ensure that there’s a good script before they approach actors to take on the roles.

james gunn responding to comments on threads
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Credit: Instagram

“We won’t green light a film until we have a finished script we’re happy with and, in general, we won’t cast a film until the script is finished,” the director’s reply said. Gunn added that this focus on quality will make the process faster for some projects, while others will have to take their time.

While audiences will not see the finished The Authority film for some time, they can at least witness one of the group’s founding members on the big screen next year.

Angelica Spica, also known as The Engineer within the group, will make her first appearance in James Gunn's upcoming Superman film, which will be released in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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