James Gunn Teases Vigilante's Return in Another DCU Project

Credit: Max

Credit: Max

James Gunn is currently busy working on multiple DC projects such as Superman: Legacy, the animated series Creature Commandos, and the now long-gestated second season of Peacemaker which may delay further since they are also working on the Waller spinoff series.

Since it might take a long time before Peacemaker returns, fans have been wondering whether we will see them in other DCU projects that will also release in the rebooted franchise's first phase.

Now, as fans are enduring the long wait before the second season as well as the first projects in the new DCU franchise, we now have a word from Gunn himself regarding one of the show's beloved characters.

James Gunn Addresses the Status of Vigilante's DCU Future

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Credit: Max

A fan recently asked Gunn, who was entertaining questions from his followers, on Threads regarding the return of Vigilante in the DCU franchise.

The DC Studios co-chairman responded by revealing that the character might "probably" come back before the second season of Peacemaker airs.

As usual, he didn't reveal which specific non-Peacemaker project will the character return in the DCU, but this is an encouraging update nonetheless which would make fans excited.

Since we have no clear explanation yet regarding which DCEU characters will continue in the new DCU franchise, it is hard to tell which exact project will Vigilante show up again although this is an indication that the characters from Peacemaker will more or less be part of the reboot.

An easy guess is that Vigilante might appear again in the Waller spinoff series since several characters from Peacemaker are expected to show up in it as well. He could also appear in Creature Commandos which is also under the supervision of Gunn.

It is unlikely that the character will show up in the movies since it would be jarring to include him in Superman: Legacy. If there's a feature that he is likely to appear, it could be The Authority since the character's tone could be in alignment with it.

For now, let's just wait and see what else Gunn has in store regarding the future of Vigilante and the other beloved characters in the DCU franchise.

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The first season of Peacemaker is available to stream on Max.

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