James Gunn Responds to Tom Cavanagh's Reverse-Flash DCU Fancast

Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash
Credit: CW

Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash
Credit: CW

DC Studios co-chairman James Gunn has responded to the recent fancast of The Flash star Tom Cavanagh as the DCU's Reverse-Flash.

Throughout the nine-season run of the CW's The Flash series, Cavanagh's performance as Reverse-Flash became one of the highlights for many fans as they praised his take on the iconic DC villain.

There are also hopes that some of the actors from the Arrowverse shows will be able to reprise their roles in the DCU franchise although there are no confirmed plans yet to bring them back.

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Tom Cavanagh Wants to Play Reverse-Flash in the DCU, James Gunn Reacts

Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash
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Credit: CW

As reported by Screen Rant, in his recent appearance at the Toronto Comicon, Cavanagh was asked whether he is interested in playing Reverse-Flash again in the DCU franchise.

He responded by saying that he was indeed open to reprising the role and jokingly pleaded for Gunn to cast him.

"Yes, James Gunn, James, where are you? James, I'm right here, pretty solidly built, still athletic. You know, not the youngest cat, but pretty good, pretty fast on their feet, [I] can move pretty good," he said in front of the audience.

"I would love to work for you, Gunn. I hear all this stuff on social media about Grant Gustin, c'mon, he's got a job."

When a fan brought up the fancast to Gunn on Threads, the DC Studios co-chairman responded with a laughing emoji.

In a follow-up post, Gunn clarified that he was laughing as he found Cavanagh's remarks to be hilarious.

"Anyone responding to this thinking I’m laughing AT Tom obviously hasn’t watched the clip. He’s being hilarious. I’m acknowledging that," he wrote.

So far, DC Studios has not laid out any plans to introduce the Flash or any of the characters associated with him in any of the future projects.

If Gunn ends up deciding to cast Cavanagh as the DCU's Reverse-Flash or play the same version from the Arrowverse through a multiverse scenario, there will be fans who would definitely be happy with the casting.

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