James Gunn Teases More The Suicide Squad Spin-Off Shows Might Be in the Works

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There's a lot of anticipation right now for the upcoming series Peacemaker which will feature the titular character's adventure following the events of The Suicide Squad. But there are some fans who are wondering if the other characters from the film will also be getting their own spin-off shows. As it turns out, that might actually be the case.

Speaking with Screen Rant, James Gunn was asked if there are more Suicide Squad spin-off shows that are in the works after Peacemaker. While he was tight-lipped with his response, he did give a promising answer. He said, "Oh yes! [I'm thinking about others.] Perhaps [something is in the works]. I don't know [if the finale will reveal more]. If you're good at guessing, maybe."

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Based on his response, Gunn is hinting that the season finale might give us a clue if other The Suicide Squad characters will also be getting their own-spinoff shows. Now that we know that he is also working on another secret DC TV project, there is a possibility that he might already be working on another spin-off show and he hasn't just announced it yet.


Even though The Suicide Squad didn't do well at the box office, it did receive positive responses from the critics and the audience. Peacemaker will serve as the continuation of the film and it is exciting to know that we might see more of the characters that were introduced.

The question now is which character we might see starring in their own spin-off show? There is a chance that it could be either Bloodsport or Ratcatcher 2, who were both fan-favorites. But given that Peacemaker was able to get his own series, it is also likely that it will be a character who we thought died in the film. We shall just wait and see for more details soon.

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Peacemaker is set to premiere with three episodes this Thursday on HBO Max.