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James Gunn Teases First DC TV Show In Development

The previous year was a tumultuous one for DC Studios, particularly for James Gunn and his partner, Peter Safran, who would engineer the new era of the DC Universe. With Gunn slowly revealing his plans for the franchise as he goes forward with new stars and characters, the co-CEO also hinted that fans can expect something for the TV segment of the studios.

To begin the new year, Gunn shared on Twitter that he has completed one-third of the writing process for the first new unannounced TV show coming to the DC Universe. While he didn’t include any more details about the mysterious series, fans are already excited and speculating on which hero or villain the upcoming show will focus on.

Gunn initially announced that TV programs and video games would directly tie into the core franchise, even though theatrical movie releases would serve as the DCU's backbone. These TV projects, which are most likely meant as HBO Max DC content, will combine live action, 2D animation, and 3D animation, indicating that the new administration will have access to a wide range of DC content.

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There are a couple of shows still reported to be in development for HBO Max, such as Gunn's own Peacemaker Season 2 and Matt Reeves' Penguin spin-off, although nothing has been confirmed about their status following the change in management. Some rumors also stated that some of the shows planned under the previous management at Warner Bros. could still be made despite the massive shakeup.

Rumors have it that the mysterious TV show might be the previously announced Peacemaker spin-off that is slated to focus on Amanda Waller, with Viola Davis reprising her role. Variety reports, "Exact plot details are mostly under wraps at this point, but sources say the show will build off of Waller’s appearance at the end of the Suicide Squad spinoff series Peacemaker."

Additionally, in a new statement, Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels announced that they are done canceling movies and shows and that they are now looking to grow the business, which as previously reported will include Gunn and Safran plans for DCU.

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“We took a little bit of time to make sure that we did it properly. For some of the titles, we’ve found new homes elsewhere. That’s why this took six or seven months. But I think we’ve come to great solutions and, most importantly, we’re done with that chapter.” the announcement read.

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Whatever Gunn is cooking for DCU, fans can only hope that it will be for the betterment of the franchise, given the growing hate and worry some DCU fans feel because of the chaotic shakeup.

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