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James Gunn Teases Deathstroke Potentially Joining The New DCU

After Dwayne Johnson’s exit from the DCU through a heartfelt letter he posted on Twitter, James Gunn made haste and responded with utmost support that perhaps they could once again collaborate in the near future. Amid Johnson’s and Henry Cavill’s exits from their respective DCU roles, a new question emerges from the replies.

A DCU fan doesn’t shy away from asking the new DC Studios executive Gunn: “Any plans for Deathstroke in the DCU?” To which Gunn teased its potential return to his reconstructed DCU future. Check out their conversation below:

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Deathstroke had actually already been involved in a small cameo in 2017’s Justice League, the character had been played by Joe Manganiello at the time. Though Gunn did not elaborate on whether or not Manganiello will be returning to reprise his role, nor will the executive be considering Deathstroke’s early appearance as ‘canon’, we’ll have to wait on the canonical value of the character for now and presume based on Gunn’s past moves — Deathstroke will likely be rebooted or recast.

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Manganiello’s Deathstroke may have been a small cameo made in Justice League, however, his character definitely had an extended sequence in Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. As for concerns where Gunn plans to put the DC villain, we will have to await further announcements on this one. But at least his statement reassures a possibility of a Deathstroke inclusion in the still developing DCU.

While Gunn’s recent cancellations of multiple sequels and threequels such as Wonder Woman 3, Black Adam 2, and even Man of Steel 2, it’s difficult to say how and where exactly his vision of the DCU reconstructing stands. His active responses to fans may be addressing misinformation such as his major DCU recasting rumor, however, it is difficult to say if fans will continue to be on board with the future DCU plans.

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