James Gunn Simplifies The Reason On Why Fox Won't Share Characters With Marvel

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Having Fox share their X-Men or Fantastic Four characters with Marvel has been a fanboy discussion as old as the first Avengers movie, and a lot of fans are wondering why exactly Fox won't do like Sony and share their characters. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn offers a simple reason as to why not.

Check out the Twitter exchange that ComicBook found of Gunn and a fan:

Thomas J. Cory II: I don't understand why Fox doesn't let the FF in the MCU. The X-verse I understand, but the MCU needs Reed Richards.


James Gunn: For the same reason I don't give my car to my next door neighbor.

Thomas J. Cory II: But it was the neighbor's car to begin with, so he should have a say.

James Gunn: Not if he sold it to me!!

Of course, with Sony and Spider-Man, Marvel has been allowed to have Peter Parker as a shared character between two studios, but Fox seems to be keen on keeping everything for themselves. Sharing characters would mean they have to give up merchandising rights to Marvel, and that's money they're not going to get.

Then again, having characters like the Fantastic Four successfully rebooted could prove very beneficial for Fox. I mean, have you even seen an X-Men or Fantastic Four movie toy in recent years? What kind of merchandising profit is to be had here? The only Fox property I'm looking forward to is Deadpool now. I'm not even sure I want to watch Dark Phoenix when it comes out.

Next Marvel film to come out is Thor: Ragnarok which hits theaters Nov. 3.

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