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James Gunn Seemingly Teases Live-Action Adaptation of Kingdom Come

Credit: CW

Fans who have long been rooting for the DC Universe will be rewarded now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are leading the franchise in an exciting new direction. For weeks now, Gunn has been teasing DC Studios' long-term plans on social media and while nothing concrete has been laid out, fans are trying to look for clues in his cryptic posts.

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This week, Gunn made another massive tease on Twitter and pretty much hinted that they're already laying the groundwork for the new and hopefully improved DCU. The MCU director shared an image from the fan-favorite DC Comics storyline Kingdom Come. Although his post didn't have much context to it, it still had a lot of fans convinced that DC Studios will be doing a live-action adaptation of the beloved story down the line.

For the uninitiated, Kingdom Come centers on the clash between the old and new guards of the DC Universe and is often lauded by many comic book readers as one of the finest stories DC Comics has ever put out. It's also notable for its iconic art style made by the legendary Alex Ross.

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In 2019, Brandon Routh briefly reprised his role as the Man of Steel in the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths and his performance was received well by fans and critics. Now, should Gunn actually do a live-action adaptation of Kingdom Come, I think we can all agree that Routh is the perfect guy to play an older version of Kal-El.

Meanwhile, DC's final offering for 2022, Black Adam is already available via Amazon Video and iTunes. Its DVD and Blu-ray release date is set for January 3, 2023.

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