James Gunn Reveals How The Suicide Squad Got Its Name

The Suicide Squad has to be one of the more blatant attempts at soft-rebooting a franchise, as this movie will keep a number of characters from Ayer's film while also forming its own identity, likely not referencing its predecessor a lot. That's fine since the product we saw in theaters was a cut-up version of a much better movie, which was typical Warner Bros. back in the post-BvS world. Interestingly enough, director James Gunn revealed that the film's title was a joke that they ended up taking seriously.

During one of his many Instagram Q and A's, Gunn revealed that he brought it up as a joke but the executives in Warner Bros. love the title. It's definitely going to get people talking, though I can't say for sure if that will be a good thing. While Gunn has a better track record than Ayer, a lot of people are probably going to wonder if this is yet another DC reboot.

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Credit: James Gunn/Instagram

Still, we're confident that Gunn will capture the spirit of these comics, where a teammate usually dies after every issue. That's something up Gunn's alley and the all-star cast basically confirms that a number of them are going to die, which should be really fun to watch. Hopefully, Warner Bros. learns from their mistakes and will let these directors make the movies they want to make.

The Suicide Squad is still confirmed for an August 2021 release, though a lot of things can change.

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