David Ayer Reveals Brand New Picture from the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad

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It looks David Ayer's really trying hard to get fans to rally behind his cut of the Suicide Squad.

Last month, Warner Brothers announced the unimaginable – Zack Snyder really did have his own cut of the infamous Justice League flop and the studio was allowing the director to release his cut of the film on Disney+.


Ever since the Snyder Cut has been announced, other directors who've been reportedly wronged or set aside by the studios that have hired them have been coming out of the woodwork to petition their own cut of the movies that they blotched. That includes Suicide Squad, a colorful DC spinoff movie that has been criticized time and time again for its weak storytelling. First being sold as a dark and gritty DC comic book movie, Suicide Squad ended up becoming a colourful convoluted mess.

The success of the #SnyderCut movement has had Ayer petitioning for the #AyerCut of Suicide Squad, and today the filmmaker has decided to give fans a look at his version of the film by offering a picture of Katana (Karen Fukuhara) in the movie.

You can check it out down here:

Social Media: David Ayer shares a new pic from Suicide Squad on his Instagram story

In the picture, fans get to see Katana wielding her Soultaker sword while Captain Boomeran (Jai Courtney) watches in the background. It isn't much of a picture, really, but we're hoping that Ayer offers us more pictures to convince the DC fanbase that the Ayer cut really does exist.

Right now Warner Brothers is working on a reboot sequel of the movie called The Suicide Squad. The film is being directed by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.

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