James Gunn Reveals He's Currently Working on Multiple DC Projects

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James Gunn is currently at the peak of his career as he is actively working in both DC and Marvel at the moment. After the successful run of the first season of Peacemaker, some people are wondering about Gunn's future in DC besides working on the second season and in another potential spinoff of The Suicide Squad. As it turns out, it looks like Gunn will actually stay in DC for good (at least for now).

Speaking to podcaster Neil Vagg, after explaining how the first season finale of Peacemaker affected the titular character by the end, James Gunn revealed that he is working on multiple DC projects at the moment and possibly more in the future. He said, "I'm working on another DC thing, and maybe another one. So we've got got a couple of different things that we're balancing with the stories."

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We know that Gunn is working on the second season of Peacemaker and a spinoff series of another The Suicide Squad character at the moment. With his statement, he is suggesting that he is working on a third DC project which might still be in early development at the moment which is why he is not revealing any details for now.

The main highlight of Gunn's statement is that he highly suggested that his future might be in DC given that he implied that he is potentially working on more projects in the franchise. It looks like he has found his comfort with it given that he has more creative freedom and it doesn't have a precise command, unlike the MCU where Kevin Feige is spearheading the entire franchise with specific plans.

It is great to hear that Gunn is potentially staying in the DC for several more years given the input from him that we've seen so far with The Suicide Squad and the first season of Peacemaker. While we won't hear any details about his other potential DC projects anytime soon, all we can do for now is speculate on what kind of character in the DC comics library he might have his eye on to adapt for the screen.

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The Suicide Squad and the first season of Peacemaker are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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