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James Gunn Refutes Claims He was Responsible for Zack Snyder's DCU Ousting

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Credit: WB

When Warner Bros. Discovery appointed James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-heads of the newly-established DC Studios last year, the reception from the fandom has been quite divided. For months, Gunn has been painted as the bad guy and many believe that he's the reason why Zack Snyder could no longer fulfill his plans for the then-DC Extended Universe even though it was already made clear that he'll be leaving the franchise for good after the completion of Justice League.

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Credit: DC

Although Gunn would be bombarded by hate from the SnyderVerse fandom on a regular basis, he has been unfazed by all the controversies and accusations thrown at him but this week, the tenured Marvel Cinematic Universe filmmaker has seemingly reached his breaking point.

Hitting back at a malicious headline from FandomWire, Gunn pointed out how the outlet once claimed through an article that he was responsible for getting Snyder "sacked" in the then-DCEU. According to him, there's zero truth to the rumor as he only became one of DC Studios' top executives late last year.

Gunn wrote: "In another article they claimed I "sacked Zack Snyder", a filmmaker who hasn't worked for DC for years before I got here."

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Snyder has been very supportive of Gunn's DCU vision and if anything, it's the fans who are creating this non-existent beef between the two. However, this doesn't exactly mean that we'll see the SnyderVerse director helm a DCU project in the future because according to Gunn, he's currently not interested in any involvement.

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder's Justice League is available to stream on HBO Max.

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