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Peacemaker: James Gunn Clarifies Season 2's DCU Canon

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Credit: HBO Max

Last week, DC Studios co-chairman James Gunn made some rounds online as he clarified the official canon of the DCU by confirming that nothing is canon in the new universe yet until the release of Creature Commandos next year.

However, he also revealed that some of the actors from the DCEU will be reprising their roles in the new franchise such as John Cena (Peacemaker), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Freddie Stroma (Vigilante), and Xolo Maridueña (Blue Beetle).

We also know that Peacemaker is getting a second season and it was part of the DCU slate that they announced earlier this year alongside the Amanda Waller spinoff series.

A lot of DC fans have been wondering about the canon status of the second season in the DCU since the first season was technically part of the DCEU. Now, we have the clarification again from Gunn himself.

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James Gunn Confirms Peacemaker Season 2 is Part of the DCU Canon

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Credit: HBO Max

A fan recently asked Gunn on Threads whether the second season of Peacemaker is part of the new DCU canon and will be addressed when the show returns.

The DC Studios co-chairman gave an affirmative response to both questions. "Yes and yes," he answered to the post.

This should clarify the confusion regarding the second season's canon status in the DCU and it aligns with Gunn's plans to not make any current and past projects part of it when the new universe begins next year.

We can safely say now that the first season was part of the soon-to-end DCEU franchise while the second season will potentially be a soft reboot and re-introduce the series as part of the new DCU.

We could expect some changes to the series when it returns for a second season due to the massive changes in the canon and address the titular character's standing in the new universe.

Since the second season is still a couple of years off, it will take a while before we find out more details regarding Gunn's plans for the second season. At the very least, we have a clarification now regarding its DCU canon as we look forward to it.

The first season of Peacemaker is available to stream on Max.

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