31 Mar 2021 12:25 PM +00:00 UTC

James Gunn Makes Fun of John Cena for Doing Interviews in His Peacemaker Costume

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

John Cena's Hollywood journey didn't come as a surprise to a lot of people since the former WWE superstar was always poised for superstardom much like his professional wrestling colleague and nemesis Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Now, Cena is set to take on arguably his biggest acting break to date in the DC Extended Universe as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad.

And it looks like the 16-time WWE champion is enjoying himself a little too much as he's been doing interviews wearing his odd yet equally badass Peacemaker costume. Currently, Cena is in Canada finishing filming for the standalone Peacemaker series which will air exclusively on HBO Max and he sure is making the most of his time donning his anti-hero suit.

In a recent interview with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, Cena can also be seen wearing his Peacemaker gear minus the "toilet bowl" headpiece, and apparently, Cena's commitment to the role is amusing to director James Gunn. Taking to his Twitter account, Gunn took the time to poke a little fun at Cena for never failing to wear his costume in every interview. Disclaimer though, Gunn clarified that it's Cena's decision to do it and not his. Check it out here:

While Cena is far from reaching his full potential in Hollywood, things are looking great for him and in just a short period of time, he's already managed to snag good roles under his belt. As for his role as Peacemaker, it's already looking evident that WB and DC have major plans for the character considering he's the first one to get his own spin-off series and I have a huge feeling that he'll steal the show in The Suicide Squad despite the fact that he wasn't prominently

Peacemaker's official release date has yet to be confirmed.

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