James Gunn Hilariously Responds to Jack Black Announcing His Superman 'Casting'

Credit: Jack Black on Instagram

Credit: Jack Black on Instagram

Henry Cavill's time as the face of the DC Universe is over and it's time to look into the future of the Superman character. In case you weren't aware, DC Studios will be kickstarting the rebooted franchise with Superman: Legacy, a film that is said to tap into Clark Kent's early days as a reporter on The Daily Planet.

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There have been numerous speculations as to which actor could take over the coveted role from Cavill but DC Studios has yet to make any confirmation regarding the project's official cast. Aside from the rumors, several stars have expressed their interest in playing Superman including a famed comedian who claims he's already secured the part.

On Instagram, Jack Black posted a hysterical video of him "revealing" his Superman casting in the new DCU. The short skit sees the Nacho Libre actor waking up to a phone call from James Gunn who was asking him to play the role of Clark Kent in the franchise.

He plays hard to get at first but immediately accepts the offer, revealing that he's been wearing a store-bought version of Cavill's DCEU costume. Black even got the attention of the DC Studios co-CEO who played along with his gag. Gunn hilariously expressed his disappointment at the comedy icon, writing: "I thought we agreed to save this news for ComicCon."

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As it stands, we still don't know which actor will get cast as the new Man of Steel but as per rumors, Gunn and Safran could be making the official announcement in six months' time. Hopefully, it's someone who embodies what the character stands for.

Superman: Legacy is slated to hit cinemas on July 11, 2025.

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