Man of Steel's Young Clark Kent Wants to Replace Henry Cavill in New DCU

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

The new DC Universe is taking a page out of the SnyderVerse's playbook by kickstarting the rebooted franchise with the Man of Steel. In case some of you haven't heard yet, James Gunn's second DC film project titled Superman: Legacy will bring Clark Kent back to the big screen after the old regime's several failed attempts.

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Credit: WB

As it stands, very little is known about the 2025 flick apart from it will explore Clark Kent's early days as a correspondent on The Daily Planet. Most of you are already aware by now that Henry Cavill will no longer be donning Superman's iconic red cape and for months, fans have been speculating which actor could end up replacing the former DCEU star.

Gunn himself recently confirmed that the casting stages for the project have yet to commence but if the latest reports are to be believed, we'll be getting an official announcement in six months' time.

Now, an ex-DCEU actor is volunteering to become Cavill's Superman successor, and out of all the potential candidates for the role, I think it's already safe to say that he's the perfect pick. Teen Wolf: The Movie star Dylan Sprayberry recently expressed his desire to play Kal-El in Superman: Legacy and he's pretty confident that he'll do the role justice.

The 24-year-old actor actually played the younger version of Clark Kent in 2013's Man of Steel and was involved in several notable sequences. Speaking with SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar), Sprayberry said: "If it made sense to step back into playing a young Superman or a teenage Superman it could be very fun. And because I already did it, it would be very cool to continue the storyline, with me playing the character, and see how that went. I feel like I could do an excellent job."

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Hopefully, Gunn actually puts Sprayberry on his potential shortlist because he's easily a no-brainer choice to become the next Superman. And considering he's only approaching his mid-20s, he already fits DC Studios' criteria.

Superman: Legacy is slated for release on July 11, 2025.

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