08 Sep 2021 10:55 AM +00:00 UTC

James Gunn Dismisses Bane Involvement in Peacemaker Series

Credit: DC

The Suicide Squad may not have been a box office draw but it certainly brought new life to the DC Extended Universe which has been considered by many as a struggling franchise. Director James Gunn proved to be the boost of energy the DCEU needed and it's no longer surprising how Warner Bros. is prolonging his stay in the franchise to helm more projects in the future. So far, we still don't know what other shows or films the Marvel Cinematic Universe director will take on but in 2022, he'll be bringing John Cena's Peacemaker to the small screen.

Speaking of, Peacemaker is rumored to be the series where we'll finally see the much-awaited DCEU debut of Bane. We reported a few weeks back that the iconic Batman villain is set to debut in an upcoming HBO Max project and while we initially assumed that he'll end up appearing in Batgirl, a new rumor claims that Bane will be featured in John Cena's upcoming series.

However, Gunn himself took to social media to finally clear things up. According to the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker, Bane WILL NOT be appearing in Peacemaker as previously reported by Hollywood insiders like Grace Randolph. Of course, not a lot of people buy into Gunn's claims, thinking that the director is keeping things a secret to avoid giving away spoilers.

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Credit: DC

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Gunn has previously expressed his desire to use Bane in The Suicide Squad but plans were ultimately scrapped for reasons still unbeknownst to many. Interestingly, Gunn also revealed in previous interviews that he wanted to cast Dave Bautista in the film but the actor chose to work with Zack Snyder in Army of the Dead. This is just an assumption, of course, but what if James actually had plans of casting Bautista as Bane?

Meanwhile, Peacemaker will hit HBO Max in early 2022.