02 Aug 2021 11:57 AM +00:00 UTC

James Gunn Cries Foul on Iron Man Recasting Tweet: "This is Bullshit"

Credit: Marvel Studios

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe collectively believe that there can only be one actor who has the ability to flawlessly portray the role of Tony Stark aka Iron Man and that is none other than Robert Downey Jr. who flawlessly took on the role.

The Hollywood A-lister helped establish the once small franchise and turned it into a billion-dollar empire and there's a reason why he played the role for over a decade.

However, despite RDJ's contributions to the MCU and the way he turned Iron Man from a B-list character to one of the most popular superheroes of all time, some people believe that any actor could've pulled off what the actor did with the character.

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Credit: marvel studios

The Sunday Times caused a huge debate on Twitter when they tweeted over the weekend that Downey's take on Tony Stark could've been done by any other actor with wit. They also stated that the character is more important to the audience than the actor.


Unsurprisingly, fans were furious at the news site's controversial take. It also caught the attention of director James Gunn and even he was baffled by their unpopular opinion. Responding to the tweet, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad slammed the article and pretty much made it clear that he's part of the majority of people who think RDJ is Iron Man. He tweeted: "I've seen the screen tests. This is bullshit."

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I mean, we're all entitled to our own opinions but to say that any actor could've perfected the Iron Man role besides Downey just doesn't sit well with me. Sure, some of us have sentimental reasons for thinking that way but it's true, it's really hard to imagine a world where Robert Downey Jr. didn't play Tony Stark. It's like he was born to take on the role and he even changed the way comic books presented the character.

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr.'s latest project Sweet Tooth is streaming on Netflix.